Artificial Turf
Action Sports offers a wide range of turf products for different sporting uses. Our turf comes from both Europe and the Far East depending on the requirements of the customer, but all our turfs are internationally approved. Our turfs can be used for many different purposes including football, tennis, hockey and multiple other sports. Due to water shortages as well as longevity, many Indian customers are now looking at artificial turf for their sporting requirements.

The products can come both with infills or without infills depending on the product and the price that is demanded by the customer. Multiple colors are also possible although green is the standard color used.

Technical Specifications
• Approved product with international sports authorities
• durable and low maintenance costs
• Eco-friendly material , High strength and Anti- slip
• Products are internationally certified including FIFA, FIH, and ITF approved
• Warranties of up to 5 years on our products
• Multiple thickness of yarn are available depending on the final usage of the yarn

• Action Sports provides turnkey solutions for your turf requirements giving you a one shop stop
• Our own installation team which ensures better quality installation
• Huge variety of turfs available with us providing you with flexibility
• High quality product with strong warranty and international certification

Recommended Area of Uses
• Football
• Hockey
• Tennis
• Multi-purpose outdoors
• Cricket etc.