PU Flooring
Action Sport's PU flooring is perfect for multi-purpose areas and high end gyms where both colors and looks are important, but also where technical details and toughness are critical factors. Our PU flooring is one of the best types of sports floors that are incredibly multi-functional. Polyurethane is an insitu floor done on site with multiple colors and multiple thickness available. Action Sports does not usually stock this product but imports it for each specific project. Please check with us for stock availability.

• We offer two types of PU floorings-an indoor and an outdoor version. The outdoor version has a specialized UV coating and more dimensions stability due to fiber glass layer.
• PU flooring is constructed on site and therefore can be varied as required by the customer. Multiple color options are available.
• Furthermore some design patterns are possible, although these can not be as complex as vinyl floors

Technical Specifications
• Made in Germany
• Wear Layer of 2 mm
• Warranty of up to 3 years according to the system and thickness chosen
• Certifications, FIBA, BWF, IHF, ITF
• Very low residential indentation
• PU System available in Multiple thickness options ranging from 5mm to 15mm
• Very good shock absorption

• Seamless floor
• Long life span of at least 10 years
• Easy to maintain
• Large variety of color options available
• If there is damage on the floor, one can fix that local area without having to remove the whole product
• Low indentation properties means it can be used anywhere
• Can be used both indoors and outdoors

Recommended Area of Uses
• Tennis, /Basketball, /Badminton, /Volleyball...
• Multi-purpose Sports areas
• Dance Floor
• Gyms in all areas besides free weights