Sports Vinyl
Sports vinyl is the most popular product used for sports today in India due to its versatility, ease of maintenance and vibrant colors. With Action Sports vinyl, you have the best product in the market. It is a European product, approved by several international federation and has been used in well over 100 projects in India with a strong warranty of up to 10 years.

Product :
• 6.7 to 10 MM product that is internationally approved by BWF and FIBA with thick foam backing and atough vinyl wearlayer of 1.3 MM. Products have a warranty of 10 years. 6.7 MM is in stock
• 5 MM product that has a warranty of 7 years, and can be used in a multi-purpose manner.
• 4 MM product that has a warranty of 5 years, and is perfect for projects where costs are more critical. This product is in stock

Technical Specifications :
Actionsports vinyl product has been tested for all sports flooring characteristics under EN norms and passes all criteria for things such as ball bounce, shock absorption, vertical deformation, abrasion resistance and others. Technical specifications are as follows
• Multiple thickness available: 10 MM to 4 MM are possible
• Warranties: 5 to 12 years depending on the product
• Dense vinyl wear layer with a T class wear layer. European wear layers are substantially denser than those coming from the Far East
• High quality PUR coating which comes with high micron density so as to protect the floor underneath
• Glassfiber layer which ensures dimensional stability
• Dense foam: High quality foam which does not compress and is chemically bonded to top layers to avoid delamination over time
• Passes all EN norms for sports flooring under EN 14904

Advantages :
• Multiple thicknesses and technical details mean various price points to meet your budget and technical requirements
• Internationally certified product by BWF and FIBA which means superior playing characteristics and longer warranties
• Product always in stock, so quick deliveries are possible
• Multiple colors are available
• Best price to quality ratio in the market place
• Well tested product in India with well over 100 installations for some of the highest quality customers

Recommended Area of Uses:
• Multi-purpose Indoor Facilities
• Indoor Basketball
• Indoor Badminton
• Indoor Volleyball
• Dance
• Table Tennis
• Indoor Football
• Yoga/Meditation etc…